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Artist Andrew Timmins

The Art of Andrew Timmins




Hello! Thanks for dropping by! My name is Andrew Timmins, and this site is a showcase of my Art. I hope you enjoy my creations. Of course, I love my own Art (somebody has to). I think it is fair to say that it speaks to me, and to others, of my ideas and perceptions of the world. But I will not explain my work, as I believe the Power of Art resides in its Mystery; forcing the viewer to interpret, reject, or ignore.

My credentials include a lifetime of work in the arts, plus running Kingsway Dynamic Media, a Film, Graphic Design, and Rich-Media Web company. Your Message with IMPACT, in Motion, Print, and Web! A multimedia sampler of my work in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, can be found on this site on the Art page. I recently re-honed my skill-set via college, and completed multiple Adobe Certifications in Visual and Web Design; using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Animate, Dreamweaver, and Premiere. I am also conversant in myriad other applications, hardware, technologies, and art mediums. I penned several books including the biography As Big As The Sky, and the guidebook Maximize Your Message.

Please contact me to review a non-digital portfolio, and have a chat in-person. Alternatively, let's connect on LinkedIn. Cheers. I live in Northern California, with my mind and Siamese cat. I am unsure who is in charge there.

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